Relaxation is dedicated to establishing outstanding medical facilities around the world.
Building upon more than 20 years of experience, we partner with public and private institutions to create turnkey
healthcare projects that are tailored to local needs and adhere to the highest international standards.

Our organization offers a holistic approach, enabling us to provide all of the professional know-how necessary for 
a “one-stop” solution in healthcare projects. 
We also pride ourselves on understanding the client’s requirements, and always strive to achieve the most efficient,
profitable and cost-effective solutions.

From concept to inauguration, our team of experts transforms your health care project into a reality.
Relaxation operates and maintains quality management system standards. 

Relaxation has completed over 150 turnkey projects in 24 countries.
We are proud to be recognized by medical professionals around the world.


Relaxation most important advantage in creating successful healthcare projects is the quality of our team.
We have assembled the best and most qualified professionals in all disciplines throughout the value chain. 

Each of these experts – consultants, architects, engineers, project managers, financial experts, technologists and 
medical technicians - has a proven track record in the establishment of model healthcare projects internationally.

Our team of top quality professionals is hands-on and on-site throughout the entire process to ensure the 
success of a project. We employ a multicultural team that speaks seven different languages, 
who are at home in almost all parts of the world. 
Our people have no geographic limitations and provide service 24 hours/7 days a week.

Complete turnkey solutions
Planning and design
Holistic project approach
Worldwide availability
Experienced profession
Management & Support